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This blog is about understanding and exploring what my Grandmothers experienced by living on the home front during World War II. I am going to be living, as best as I can, to the US rationing standards of 1945. This is a social experiment, not only to connect to my families past, but to explore new way to live environmentally and socially responsible. I hope to show, that by living as our grandparents did, we can reduce the amount of waste that our society throws out and live healthier and more simple lives.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weird Meats – Take Two…

I did not learn from my experience of cooking heart.  This Christmas – my sister-in-law had bought a forth of a cow, and let me take some cuts of beef home for my Christmas gift.  So digging through my freezer I found beef neck.    I was not sure how I could use this cut of meat… but it looked like I could use it to make stew.

So that week I salted onions, celery and the cuts of meat in a big pan.  The neck cuts were interesting in that they did not hold as much meat as I thought they would.  The meat was tough, and was hard to cut off the bone due to a lot of tendons – Hurray for sharp knifes!  I ended up with half pound of meat (and the bone marrow from the bones).  I added lots of vegetables to bulk up the stew… then thickened it with flour. 

This turned out much better than the heart.  It was a tasty stew (mostly vegetables with a taste of beef) that tasted much better with some soy biscuits (Sour milk biscuits made with a cup of soy flour in them).   I do think that time wise and money wise – it is better to buy a pound of ground beef and stretch the meat with vegetables.  I have discovered that my favorite recipe is the vegetable burgers (meat loaf made with potatoes, carrots, onions and other vegetables instead of bread) and I cook them individually in muffin tins so they are ready for lunches.

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