The Social Experiment

This blog is about understanding and exploring what my Grandmothers experienced by living on the home front during World War II. I am going to be living, as best as I can, to the US rationing standards of 1945. This is a social experiment, not only to connect to my families past, but to explore new way to live environmentally and socially responsible. I hope to show, that by living as our grandparents did, we can reduce the amount of waste that our society throws out and live healthier and more simple lives.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pot roast Update

I realised that I never updated the Pot roast!

It was wonderful!!! I ate it for a week and a half. It was so good - I never did get a picture of it after it was cooked ! I ate it all up. Here is a picture of the oatmeal bread that I made... Now I have an over abundance of pumpkin in my freezer - so I believe I will be eating pumpkin pudding and bread for a while :) Does anyone have suggestions on what else to use pumpkin for that doesn't use to much sugar?

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